Jenna’s Dog is Finally Gone

Of course this is not just a dog to her, she has had it since she was a little girl and the two of them have always been nearly inseparable. She says her last boyfriend was jealous of the dog, but I never even thought it. I have had lots of dogs and been attached to nearly all of them. Now she is looking at a monuments dealer in Essex county NJ and she is talking about burying Rip out in the back yard in his favorite place to lay about. I have nothing against the theory, but this sort of makes it really difficult if you ever get the urge to find a new place to live. Continue Reading →

21. March 2018 by Carter
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Canada Geese Can Be Unsanitary

I don’t mind birds at all. In fact, I think they can be very calming and peaceful. I love sitting on my deck in the mornings and listening to the various songs the birds sing to whoever is listening. My appreciation of them dwindled a bit last year though, at least for Canada geese. I own a small company that has three buildings on two acres of land. I ended up having to call a company out that handles Canada geese control in NJ and NY states. I did not want to hurt the birds, but they were becoming a problem for my business and I had to do something about it. Continue Reading →

19. March 2018 by Carter
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How to Clean your Diamonds

Through our day to day movements our diamonds get smudged and soiled. Even when we are not wearing them, they collect dust. Lotions, soaps, our natural skin oils, can cause film and grime on diamonds and inhibit their brilliance.

Want to keep that Brilliance and Shine? Diamonds require cleaning so that maximum amounts of light can refract fiery brilliance. Remember that all it takes is a few minutes and a little care to keep that diamond as fiery as the day you first saw it.

You can use an small soft brush such as an eyebrow or lip stick brush and soap and water to clean your jewelry. Simply make a bowl of warm sudsy water with a mild detergent and place your pieces in the mixture. Then brush the diamonds with the soft bristles of the brush while they are in the suds. You will need to make certain that
you rinse them clear of the suds after cleaning them. You can use a small kitchen strainer such as a tea strainer to contain them while rinsing under warm water. Use a lint free cloth, or a jewelry polish cloth to pat them dry.

If your diamonds are in need of a stronger cleansing, you may want to soak them for 30 minutes in a solution of half and half water and ammonia. Once they have soaked for 30 minutes, remove them and gently brush the mountings with a small brush. Then replace the pieces to the solution and swish them around in the mixture before removing them to rinse and pat dry.

If you find your self too busy to be mixing soaps and ammonias, many department stores sell liquid jewelry cleaners. Most are kits, with everything you need included. You need to read the labels to determine the one that is right for your diamonds and other jewelry. Read the complete directions and follow all the precautions.

And if you find yourself more the “high-tech type”, even in your diamond cleaning routine, there are multiple ultrasonic cleansers on the market. These machines use high-frequency to create a cleaning motion. All machines are not the same, so please read the instructions before using.

Only you can choose the cleaning method right for you. But, it is essential to keep your jewelry clean to keep it brilliant and sparkling. Between cleaning, try not to touch your clean diamonds with your fingers or handle your jewelry by its edges. This will help maintain its shine and brilliance for longer periods.

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Diamond Buying Jargon Explained

Buying a diamond can be an overwhelming experience.It’s complicated. There are lots of new words you need to learn, but don’t panic! The basics are very easy to understand.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when buying a diamond by all the new words you have to learn. But don’t panic! It’s not really that difficult.

The four most common terms used to describe diamonds are cut, clarity, color, and carat. It’s vital to understand what each of these means as they define a diamonds quality and value.

The cut, not surprisingly describes the way in which the stone has been cut. This tells you more than simply what shape it is. The cut will determine how light passes through and how much it will appear to sparkle, or how much brilliance it has. This will be rated from poor to ideal.

Clarity is determined by how many flaws there are, which will also Effect the brilliance. Almost all stones have flaws, but the untrained eye will rarely notice them.

People are often surprised that diamonds have a color, but they do. Colors such as red and green are extremely rare and therefore are very expensive. Most common are white or near-colorless diamonds, with just a hint of color. These traces of color will absorb light, so for maximum
brilliance you want a stone with as little color as possible.

Carats are a measure of weight. A small increase in weight will mean a Big increase in cost. In fact it is possible to buy many small diamonds for The cost of one large one.

Now you understand these key words, buying a diamond should be a much Less scary prospect.

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There are 3 cities in Mexico where silver jewelry is manufacturered: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Taxco. One of them is known as “The World Capital of Silver Jewelry”: Taxco.


1. Compared to the jewelry of countries like India, China or Thailand the quality is better becuase of two reasons:
a) The silver quality is better. Mexico is the biggest silver producer in the world so it is very easy to obtain pure silver in the other hand it is well know some asian businesses sometimes cheat on this aspect. It is very common to find .800 silver instead of 925 silver jewelry or non jewelry pieces marked as sterling jewelry.
b) The finished is better. This is because it is hand finished and looks shinier and more regular.
2. Taxco has hundreds of internationally recognized silversmiths. This tradition comes since in 1929 an american arquitech and designer, William Spratling, arrived to Taxco and founded the first silver jewelry workshop “Las Delicias”, with the time Spratlingīs silversmiths started their own workshops. Today there are hundreds of workshops producing all kind of desings.
3. All the silver jewelry is handmade.
4. The desings are different from the rest of the world.
5. Excellent prices.
6. In one small town you will find more than 1,000 silver jewelry businesses.


Taxco is located to north of the state of Guerrero, two hours away from Mexico City by car. Taxco is one of the most beatiful colonial towns in Mexico. Excellent weather. A good choice either for pleasure or business.


1. Wholesale Business. These are well stablished stores, generally located downtown.
2. Silver Street Market. This is a street market kown as “Tianguis” where all saturdays people take out a table to the street and offer what they usually make at home.


1.Taxco has more than 1,000 small and medium size wholesale businesses. You can find for fure in one small town good silver jewelry suppliers.
2.The quality of the silver is always .925 (Sterling).
3.Good prices.
4.You can select a wide variety of beautiful desings.

1. Not all the businesses are formal and well organized so this give you some problems with the production and export orders.


1. In one market there are a lot of small suppliers.
2. Good prices.

1. Every one of the businesses is specialized in a few designs, you will need to have lots of suppliers to have a good collection.
2. The quality of the silver is NOT always .925 (Sterling) in some cases.
3. They donīt make international orders.


1. Look for suppliers with good designs and quality.
2. Look for suppliers with good prices but never sacrifice design and quality for price, always sells more a good design with reasonable price than bad design with “good price”.
3. Look for serious suppliers and well organized. It is not very useful if you find a supplier in Taxco which is not going to satisfied all your needs when you get back home. This is a key point.
4. Look for suppliers with a capacity of having new designs often if they donīt have it sooner or later you will have to find new suppliers.
5. If you want mexican silver jewelry plan a first trip to Taxco and then Look for suppliers with an excellent online catalog. This will help a lot.

07. September 2017 by Loui