How to deal with sunburns naturally?

When your skin is exposed to intense heat for a long period, the color will change. The skin will be inflamed if there is a burn. To get relief from burns, there are various methods. The most natural way should be chosen so that there will be a quick recovery and you will not experience any side effects.louissunburn

Kitchen staples

You can soothe the skin by applying kitchen staples. Oatmeal, lettuce leaves, cornstarch, yogurt and tea bags will help you in this direction.

Dry oatmeal should be wrapped in cheesecloth or gauze. You should pour cool water through it, and oatmeal should be discarded. After soaking compresses in the liquid, you should apply them on the affected area for 2 to 4 hours.

You should apply Yogurt on the affected skin. The area can be rinsed off with cool shower and the skin should be dried afterward.

Tea bags can be applied conveniently on your eyelids. They are helpful in decreasing swelling and there will be great relief from pain.

Relief through moisturizer

It is possible to get relief from pain and skin repair can be accomplished by applying a moisturizer. How to get rid of a sunburn fast? If you chill the moisturizer in a refrigerator, you will get additional benefit. It will soothe the skin after applying a compress. You should understand the fact that soaks and compresses will deliver temporary relief and the skin will become dry. Hence, moisture should be added to the skin to repair it in an effortless manner.suncream

Drinking and eating

To save your skin and enhance the skin repair process, you should take plenty of water and eat right kind of food items. Some of the best fruits which can be considered in this aspect include watermelon, honeydew, beets, and cantaloupe. Even though you take these food items in small volumes, there will be great health benefits and the skin restoration will be done very naturally.


It is very difficult to sleep with sunburn. The soft and flat mattress can be arranged so that there will not be any additional friction in between the skin and the mattress. You can also apply quality talcum powder as per your dermatologist gave the advice. If you sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours, there will be great recovery and the rejuvenation of the skin will take place.

Proper medication

Instead of going for self-medication, the advice of the dermatologist should be followed. The sensitivity of the skin will be traced by qualified medical professional and right kind of cream or lotion will be suggested. If you follow the instructions and apply the gel regularly, there will be quick recovery. You should test a small area at invisible part of your body before applying any external lotion or cream. If there is no reaction to the skin, it can be applied without any issues. If there is any change in color or burning sensation, you should want to consult your physician.